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We approach our passion with a simple quest, to make the best sounding instrument we can. To do this takes experimentation, time, reflection, understanding, and a commitment to work through the process. Locating fine woods is just one aspect of the job. Technical skills are developed every day. Artistic vision is a talent that is nurtured by observation and inspiration. Feedback from our customers and endorsees is essential. All of these attributes contribute to our mission - customer satisfaction.


The Widman Custom Electrics’ lineup includes three different electric guitar models, the Gigmaster, the T-Master, and the set neck models - the SN*22 and the SN*24. Each model may be adapted to any customers’ specifics. In addition, John also makes acoustic and electric banjos, and fine tenor and baritone ukuleles.


Our efforts are enhanced by a great group of vendors who provide us with our many components. Everyone who is involved, is doing this because they love what they do.  It makes a difference that you can feel and hear.


Made by hand is more than a catch phrase.  It is an intimate association with what we are creating. I really do wish people could experience the process. You make a beautiful thing and you give it life when it leaves the door.


Please give us a call and see for yourself what we can create.


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